Do you want to loose weight ?


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Serious Ailments

Suffering from serious Ailments ?

Dr. Boxall’s is committed to bringing you the highest quality, organically grown plant derived natural medicines that are tested for potency and safety, with the goodness captured, as nature intended it.

Dr Boxall’s products contain no animal products, gluten, yeast, added sugar or sodium. They have no artificial flavourants, colourants or preservatives. They are totally vegan and animal friendly. No artificial fillers or flowing agents are used in the production of our products. All our capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and our tinctures from organic ethanol derived from sugar cane. We truly believe natural is best. 
Our promise to manufacture the best quality natural products is a promise we take seriously and no cost or effort is spared in achieving this.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I had so much trouble with losing weight and eating right but with a combination of the Dr Boxall’s products, it is so much easier to resist over-eating!” Kim

“After horrible side effects from my prescribed medication I tried Dr Boxalls wellness products and haven’t come across something as effective! Seriously impressed.” Jessica

“I struggled for months with insomnia and burnout but I can confidently say that after using Dr Boxall’s products, I sleep like a baby and I’m a lot more energetic and less stressed.” Thandela

“Before I used the Dr Boxalls product I had a problem with serious painful lumps that would come anywhere on my body but since I have started using the product they are gone and I haven’t had them since. And my body feels energized.” Kevin