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Central to the Dr. Boxall’s philosophy is the conservation of flora bio-diversity, sustainability and the cultivation of the highest quality organically grown medicinal plants containing the highest active concentration and potency. It is this philosophy that prompted the establishment of our own 260 000m2 growing installation in heart of the bio-diverse Klein Karoo, Southern Africa – home to a myriad of well documented potent and effective medicinal plants.

Dr Boxall’s and Sustainable Conservation

A close relationship exists between Dr Boxall’s and Cape Nature and an extension of the protection of endangered African medicinal plants via the CITES treaty (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which is an international agreement between governments, its aim to ensure that international trade in plants does not threaten their survival. Because the trade in plants crosses borders between countries, the effort to regulate it requires international cooperation to safeguard certain species from over-exploitation. CITES was conceived in the spirit of such cooperation. Today, it accords varying degrees of protection to more than 30,000 species of animals and plants, whether they are traded as live specimens, fur coats or dried herbs. Dr. Boxall’s is Cape Nature certified and considered a custodian of many endangered medicinal plants. Presently our growing installation is one of the largest initiatives of its type in the world.

Dr Boxall’s and Organic Quality

Our growing installation has a strict organic policy and no pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any stage in our growing process. Dr. Boxall’s responsible and ethical consideration to the health of humans, animals and plants far outweighs the “convenience” of using these poisons that effectively poison our livers, animals, water supplies and environment.

Dr Boxall’s and the Real Deal

The Dr. Boxall’s growing facility has also given us the opportunity to protect our customers from the mine field of low quality or fake produce circulating in the industry. The rise in demand for natural remedies and alternative medicines combined with the rarity and duration it takes to cultivate some varieties has resulted in some less than ethical industry practices. It is not uncommon to see fake produce, cut produce (mixed with something else) and the intentional adoption of various growing practices that maximize the quantity of harvest but reducing the quality and potency. The Dr. Boxall’s growing installation not only allows us to deliver 100% authentic high quality organic material for our product manufacturing but also allows us to deliver finished products that contain often twice the Mg content of active than competing brands for the same price. Our growing installation offers us the ability to deliver more for less, and this value is handed over to you, our customer.



Combining the powerful  component of organic farming with the benefit modern technology offers in the regulation, safety and manufacturing of medicinal products is key to delivering natures best medicine in the most safe, constant and hygienic manner available to us today.

To ensure the same philosophy of quality and ethics adopted at our growing facility is brought through the line of production of our natural medicines, the Dr Boxall’s range of products are manufactured under strict good manufacturing practice in a registered facility that is proud of it hygiene, technology and passion to deliver the very best medicinal products for human consumption.

Only produce from the Dr. Boxall’s growing facility or the finest sourced certified produce from the most ethical suppliers finds its way into our products for your benefit and safety.

Our products contain no animal products, gluten, yeast, added sugar or sodium. They have no artificial flavourants, colourants or preservatives. They are totally vegan and animal friendly. No artificial fillers or flowing agents are used in the production of our products. All our capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and our tinctures from organic ethanol derived from sugar cane. We truly believe natural is best.

Our promise to manufacture the best quality natural products is a promise we take seriously and no cost or effort is spared in achieving this.


The importance of using modern technology and stringent laboratory testing using he most advanced systems available to ensure the safety, authenticity and potency of all medicinal plant produce is paramount in the implementation of the quality assurance policy adopted by Dr. Boxall’s.

No Nasty’s

A great concern customers should have when purchasing a natural product is the undeniable fact that common farming procedures that are not strictly regulated, monitored and tested can produce medicines that are often incidentally contaminated rendering them more toxic than beneficial. Although our growing facilities have a very strict organic policy, all our produce and products are tested for pesticide and fungicide residue, yeast, E.coli and various other pathogens to absolutely ensure that no nasty’s exist and that only the safest products end up bearing the Dr. Boxall’s brand.

Authentic and 100% Pure

In an industry rife with unethical practices of fake or cut and adulterated medicinal plant produce, we insist of Certificates of Analysis on any produce we bring into our manufacturing process that is not from our own growing facility. In conforming to this strict code of authentication and quality assurance we also test produce from our own growing facility for the peace of mind and display of absolute transparency for the benefit of our customers.

Potent & Effective

The most important aspect of potency in medicinal plants that should be mentioned is that it can fluctuate drastically between identical plant species. Two plants of the same species might yield vastly different concentrations of the plants active medicinal molecule based on climate, watering, soil, growing and drying conditions and processes. After 7 years of operation our growing installation has been at the frontier of mastering various growing and processing procedures that positively affect the concentration of the active in the medicinal plant varieties we grow and the method in which it is processed into a finished natural product for your convenience and benefit. To measure and confirm these potency enhancing aspects in our growing and processing procedures and to ensure the produce we acquire from other credible sources all meet our very high standard of required potency levels, all produce used in our products are tested to ensure their concentrations and presence of all identified actives are in line with our very strict policy on quality to ensure the best efficacy the varieties offer.


We are working with several modern research facilities including the University of Stellenbosch, Nelson Mandela Metro University Traditional Medicine Research Unit and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in order to constantly develop new products and learn more about the benefits of the varieties we already use in our range. Dr. Boxall’s is also a member of the Traditional Doctors Union and has the privilege of working with leaders in the field of Traditional Medicine ensuring we never disregard the incredible wealth of traditional knowledge of natural medicinal plants and their uses . This combination of traditional meeting modern research gives us the ability to bring you the most incredible varieties of medicinal plants while modern scientific trails and research scrabble to catch up with the vast anecdotal knowledge and evidence surrounding these medicinal plants.


Dr. Boxall’s believes that a healthy earth supports a healthy community and it’s with this in mind that we started the “Dr. Boxall’s Earth-Lung Project”.

“The air we breathe out, trees breathe in and the breath they exhale, we breathe in.  Our survival and that of the trees are one. “ – Hopi Indian Chief

With global warming and the effects of years of industrialization and excessive carbon emissions, never has the time been more appropriate for us all to make an effort to do our bit to curb our carbon footprint. While we all do our bit in saving energy and supporting green businesses and lifestyle, so we can also do our bit to put back into nature.

Every year Dr. Boxall’s will be holding an event to celebrate our earth and enrich communities by planting trees in public and other secure community area’s and giving the public a chance to join in the fun and make a difference.

Proceeds from the sales of each product go towards this project, so by supporting our cause you can have satisfaction knowing that not only are you looking after the health of your body, but the community and earth as well.